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  • Jack’s is UPC coded for convenience and stocking ease.
  • Jack’s is packaged in an attractive display box, giving you a counter or shelf option.
  • Jack’s comes 12 containers to the case so it doesn’t have a huge counter-top footprint.
  • Jack’s is packaged in 16 ounce blue and amber plastic containers made of recycled material.
  • Jack’s is such an effective hand cleaner, your clients will thank you for carrying Jack’s.

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Jack’s Hand Cleaner 600 F Street Suite 3-308
Arcata, California 95521

Bloomington Wholesale

Humboldt Wholesale

Worm's Way

Wholesale Harvest Supply

Bloomington Wholesale

BWGS is one of the largest suppliers of year-round gardening supplies in the nation, with an extensive inventory that includes thousands of hydroponic and organic products from a wide variety of vendors. We are your resource for everything you need to run a successful garden supply center, nursery or greenhouse!

Humboldt Wholesale

“Good Things Come From Humboldt”

Famous for its gardening prowess, Humboldt County represents years of collective experience gained by the trials and tribulations of generations of tough die hard gardeners.

Born from this knowledge is a unique wholesale company; a place where specialty gardening stores can find exclusive products from all over the world along with other high quality staples of the indoor gardening industry.

Worm’s Way

4412 N 56th St

7850 North State Road 37

1360 Donaldson Rd Suite A

121 Worc-Providence Turnpike Route 146

1225 N Warson
Saint Louis

901 Main St

Wholesale Harvest Supply

Wholesale Harvest Supply is a wholesale-only distributor for harvest tools and accessories. We carry an extensive selection of innovative, top quality products from featured brands.